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Peace silk, also known as Ahimsa silk, is a type of silk produced in a way that trys to avoid harming or killing silkworms. This practice contrasts with traditional silk production, where silkworms are typically killed in the process of extracting silk from cocoons. Peaceful Silkworms is a non profit organisation that aims to aid in better production for Silk Worm manufacturing.

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We make silk worm production more ethical and sustainable

our mission is to elevate the standards of peace silk production. We are dedicated to researching and implementing innovative practices that enhance the ethical and environmental aspects of silk farming. Our goal is not only to make peace silk production kinder to silkworms but also more ecologically sound. By engaging in continuous improvement of farming methods, we aim to minimize the ecological footprint of silk production. Additionally, we are committed to educating consumers about the benefits of peace silk, promoting a more informed and conscientious approach to silk consumption

Our Values

The values of our non profit


At Peaceful Silk Worms, innovation is key. We continuously seek advanced methods to improve the production of peace silk.


We believe in the power of knowledge. Our team is dedicated to deepening our understanding of sericulture, particularly the practices that align with ethical treatment of silkworms.


Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of silk production by implementing eco-friendly farming practices.

Committed to transparency

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Scientific Development

We are constantly working with experts to improve silk worm production

Regular random audits

We regularly audit farms without notice verified by us to ensure compliance

Public Practices

We are committed to being guided and transparent to the public

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Coleman Wealth

We’re thrilled to partner with Coleman Wealth, our dedicated financial planning experts. Their expertise ensures sound financial strategies for their clients, helping them achieve their financial goals with confidence.


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