250 grams Chow Silkworm Food


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Mulberry Silkworm Chow

Preparation instructions included


Recommended amount with egg purchases


250 grams for a 50 egg pack


2 x 250 grams for a 100 egg pack


Cooked chow keeps one month and dry food one year in airtight containers in the refrigerator



Mulberry Silkworm Chow is the only food source for Silkworms besides fresh mulberry leaf

A ‘just add water mix’ that is cooked in 5-6 minutes in a microwave oven

Used to feed silkworms when fresh leaves are not available

Increases hatch-ling survival, replacing the need for immature mulberry leaf

Non-Chinese source.  This superior chow enables Silkworms to produce cocoons

which do not differ significantly from those obtained by feeding with mulberry leaves

Please read all information provided free on our website page ‘Silkworm Food’

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