Raising Silkworms – What do I need?

A quick checklist for your silkworm needs



1. Silkworm eggs or live silkworms: from our online store, or your own eggs from a previous year


2. Silkworm food: You can purchase food from our online store or use your own mulberry leaf. If

using mulberry leaf ensure you have an adequate amount of leaves on your trees prior to

receiving your silkworm eggs. Hatch-lings need immature mulberry leaf tips or chow for optimal

survival. Leaves can be collected and kept in bags in the fridge but ensure the leaves are free from

water droplets prior to feeding.


3. Breeding box or container: Cardboard boxes are excellent (no lid necessary) or big plastic washable containers

that have short sides. The size depends on the number of silkworms you plan to have in your colony. Silkworms need

enough space to spread out and so as not to sit on top of each other (see images below)


4. Paper to line your breeding box (un-printed paper is essential, paper towel is excellent)


5. A small amount of time twice daily to feed your silkworms and once daily to clean their container, to

ensure they are healthy and happy!





1. Tweezers for lifting hatch-lings can help save time! available from our online store


2. Books or resources may be useful if you are conducting a school project. We have books and life-cycle

posters available.


3. A camera: silkworms are very photogenic!


Things to remember:



1. Read the hatching instructions that come with your eggs


2. Protect your silkworms from ant or bug attacks, more info on the eggs & hatch-lings page


3. Do not expose your silkworms to direct heat/sunlight/moisture/water/wild geckos/family pets,

they can tolerate a certain amount of cold/children/adults 🙂