Silkworms FAQ’s

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Are there alternative Payment options?


Yes, direct deposit, cheque or money order payment options are available – please email

Peaceful Silkworms for details


School teachers can request invoice with delivery.  Please email Peaceful Silkworms to arrange

this or mention in your checkout comments when ordering online.


Are Hatching Instructions Included in my order?


Yes detailed instructions are included with every egg order. Free email support is available

throughout the farming of your purchased silkworms. Email any questions and we will get back

to you as soon as possible.


What is the difference between Zebra and Plain Silkworms?


Zebra and Plain silkworm breeds are very similar. They have the same hatching rate, eat the

same food and need exactly the same care. Zebra silkworms have both striped and plain

individuals in the mix whilst the Plain breed has white worms only. Zebra silkworms usually grow

to a larger size before cocooning. The Zebra final size is approximately 0.5cm to 1cm larger than

the Plain variety.


Will my Silkworm Eggs hatch straight away?


Peaceful Silkworm Eggs are refrigerated and will hatch approximately 5 – 10 days after arriving

in the mail.  Hatching may take longer depending on the temperature in your area (in cooler

months eggs may take up to 3 weeks).  Place your eggs in a warm place in the house out of

direct sunlight.


Please see our Eggs & Hatchlings


If my eggs don’t hatch what do I do?


If your eggs do not hatch and it has been 15 days since they were shipped email us

right away. Unhatched eggs will be replaced free of charge.


Can I return my eggs to the fridge to delay hatching?


No! Your eggs have begun to develop and the hatchlings need to emerge.  They will die if

returned to cold storage.


How do you tell the female from the male cocoons?


Male cocoons are cigar shaped with a pointy end. The female cocoons are larger and more

ovate. Extra large cocoons usually contain two silkworms who have spun together, check these

carefully as often the cocoon wall has been spun too thick for the moths to emerge. You may

need to cut the cocoon open to let the moths out.


Do you sell live Silkworms?


We often have live silkworms for sale, if there are none listed in our online store please email to

see if we have any available. We do raise worms to order if you are happy to wait a few weeks.


Do you sell Silkworm eggs in amounts under 50?


The smallest amount of eggs we supply is 50.  You may purchase 50 eggs and specify a smaller

amount, though the price remains the same as for 50 eggs to cover packing and

handling costs.


Do you do wholesale orders?


Due to limited stock we cannot offer wholesale prices on any of our silk products


We definitely consider wholesale enquiries (1000+) on Silkworm Eggs


Please email Peaceful Silkworms for availability


Are your silkworm eggs Univoltine, Bivoltine or Polyvoltine?


Our eggs are univoltine unless otherwise specified in the specific product details.  Species

producing one generation a year are called univoltine; those producing two generations are

bivoltine; and those producing several generations, polyvoltine.


My silkworms are all sitting still with their heads up and not moving or eating, is there

something wrong with them?


No, your silkworms are preparing to shed their skins.  When you notice your silkworms exhibiting

this behaviour discontinue feeding for 24 hours as silkworms do not eat when shedding their

skins.  Once you notice small dried skins in the breeding box you can begin feeding your worms

again.  The reason for discontinuing feeding at this time, is to prevent dried uneaten food

collecting in the breeding container and on top of silkworms attempting to shed their skins.  If

using chow discontinuing feeding prevents wastage of the product.


Why do you not ship live worms or cocoons to TAS, WA or NT?


Because of transit times, temperature issues and import restrictions live worms and

cocoons cannot be shipped to these areas.