Silkworm Food

Fresh Mulberry Leaf


White Mulberry

Black Mulberry Variation

Black Mulberry Variation

Mulberry tree’s can vary in appearance from tidy looking tree’s in gardens, to large clusters of clumped bushes on

roadsides or park area’s.


Black Mulberries often have leaves up to 30cm long.


White Mulberry leaves are generally smaller than black mulberry.


Both White or Black Mulberry leaves are excellent for Silkworms.


It is vital to ensure your mulberry leaves have not been contaminated with chemicals of any sort – such as pesticides

or herbicides. If poisoned, worms die within hours, please see our Diseases and Problems page for more information.


Find out who cares for the tree you are collecting from and what they put on or around it.  If the tree is wild, on council

or public land be careful to collect leaves as high from the ground as possible to minimize the risk from ground level

contamination – such as the spraying of herbicides/insecticides along roadsides.


Botanical Gardens often have mulberry tree’s and you may be able to obtain permission to collect them.


Silkworm Chow / Artificial Mulberry Food

Artificial Mulberry Food commonly known as ‘Silkworm Chow’ is made from powdered mulberry leaf.


This food enables anyone to rear Silkworms anywhere, at any time of year, whether or not they have access to a

Mulberry tree.


The chow Peaceful Silkworms Supplies is high quality chow (non-Chinese) prepared with organic mulberry leaf



Silkworms accept chow with a high appetite, their growth intensity and viability are on par with worms fed on mulberry

leaf and they subsequently spin silk cocoons which do not differ significantly from those obtained by feeding with

mulberry leaves.


Please Note:   Although silkworms previously reared on chow will readily eat mulberry leaf and vice versa, it

is best not to change their food too many times over their life-cycle. We recommend using chow silkworm

food in the early instars, changing to mulberry leaf in the later instars if you have access to a mulberry tree.


The food keeps in powdered form up to a year in dark cool conditions, or for 2 months prepared in the fridge.

Prepared chow can be frozen for later use.


Peaceful Silkworms Mulberry Food comes with all preparation instructions.




(all specific instructions are sent with your order of chow)


Prepare your chow as soon as possible so you have food ready for your hatch-lings when they begin to emerge.


WARNING: Do not handle the cooked Chow unless your hands have been thoroughly washed. Silkworms are very

sensitive and susceptible to bacterial problems if their food is not kept sterile.




Peel back plastic wrap – slice and feed.


Feed conservatively to prevent mould and/or drying out of chow.


You WILL loose some chow through drying out when your silkworms are small, as they eat very small amounts when