Shipping and Returns

Shipping Costs



All orders are shipped via Australia Post

Shipping prices are based on weight and prices according to Australia Post current rates

Customers in WA, NT, TAS and SA must select express shipping for orders that contain silkworm eggs.


Regular Letter $2.00

Express Letter $6.00

500 gram Parcel Post Satchel Regular $8.50

500 gram Parcel Post Satchel Express $11.00

3 kilo Parcel Post Satchel Regular $13.75

3 kilo Parcel Post Satchel Express $15.00

5 kilo Parcel Post Satchel Regular $17.50

5 kilo Parcel Post Satchel Express $24.80



Shipping Days



Orders are shipped on Mondays and Thursdays unless an alternative shipping date is

requested, you may request a shipping date either via email or in your checkout comments

Only orders placed before 7am on Mondays or Thursdays will be shipped on that day



Live Worms


All Live Worms are shipped via Express with tracking



International Orders



Live silkworm cocoons and moths can only be shipped to customers within Australia


For international shipping on silkworm eggs and other silkworm resources – please contact for a shipping quote


Returns Policy



If you have any problems with your order please contact us immediately at Peaceful Silkworms



Silkworm Eggs Return Policy



Silkworm eggs that have not hatched must be returned before a replacement is sent out, please email if no


hatch-lings have emerged at 14 days from the date your order was shipped


Hatching Issues



All orders contain a percentage extra to ensure you receive the correct amount of hatch-lings.  All egg orders come


with free email support. If you have any problem with hatching please contact Peaceful Silkworms immediately


Incorrect product?


In the rare event an item you have received is not the item you ordered, it will be exchanged for


the correct item, return postage of the incorrect item paid for by Peaceful Silkworms



Changed your mind?


If you change your mind on a resource product you may exchange the product.  Return cost of


postage for the unwanted item to be paid by the customer